Yoga in the Park and Online

Details for Yoga in the Park:

Details for Online Classes:

Classes will be streamed via ZOOM and you don't need to have an account. Automatically download the ZOOM app onto your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone when you join your first Zoom meeting, or do it in advance here.

Register at least 15 minutes before the class begins by signing up with MindBody as you would for any regular class.  You'll receive an email 15 - 30 minutes before the class start time with the ZOOM link. All classes will be recorded.  As long as you registered for the class before the 15 minute deadline, you will have access to it (for 48 hours) after it has taken place in case you miss the live version.

We suggest checking in early for your scheduled class, to make sure you can see and hear the teacher, and that you familiarize yourself with the ZOOM app before your first class. Please note that since ZOOM is a US company, the instructions are only in English.  Please get in touch if you have any questions about ZOOM or online classes.


If you're an existing Béco client, you may use your existing class pack passes, OR you may purchase our each, plus taxes.  For those clients with the unlimited monthly pricing option, it will be frozen as of April 1st. You will not lose anything that you paid for.  All unused days of your unlimited month (including the days of forced closure) will be available for your use once we reopen.  Going forward you may buy online passes or regular class packs. 

Until business returns to normal, new clients are invited to buy park/online passes only. New clients will still be eligible for our popular first month of unlimited classes for $49 plus taxes when we reopen.

Prop Suggestions for your Home Practice:

Classes may or may not require props.  If you don’t have any actual yoga props, here are some suggested replacements:

Important Reminders to Safely Practice at Home:

Since your teacher will not be able to see you during class, it’s more important than ever to listen carefully to instructions.  It is equally important to listen to your body.  When practicing yoga, it’s ok to feel stretch and sensation, but never ok to feel pain!  Please practice safely, and modify the practice to meet your needs, including pausing to rest as required.