Béco Yoga - classes suspended until 2021

As announced on Sunday October 4th, 2020, Béco Yoga will no longer be offering classes until we re-open sometime next year.  Read the full statement below:

It’s been a heart-breaking decision, but effective immediately, Béco yoga will no longer be offering classes until we re-open sometime next year.  A lot of effort was put into organizing classes at the Centre de Loisirs as a temporary solution to not having our own space, but sadly it just won’t work. Although the Centre de Loisirs has all of the necessary safety measures in place, there still exists a level of discomfort inherent in a widely used public space.  It’s often been busy and loud, has very hard floors, windows that don’t open, and a necessary but stressful requirement to get in and out of the room very quickly to make way for the next group, while not having a space to calmly gather after class to connect with one another.  This is not Béco, and not the conditions I want to offer our students or our teachers.

The uncertainties of the pandemic have contributed to massive changes within Béco yoga, including relaunching online in April when forced to close in March, then relaunching again with yoga in the park in June, while also having to move out of our old studio and boutique space. Now, with classes only having just begun inside, we find ourselves caught up in the second wave, that quickly moved our region from yellow, to orange, to red .  Although the Centre de Loisirs is still open, it may also be forced to close soon, yet another looming uncertainty. This has obviously been destabilizing to Béco yoga’s ability to function as a viable business, and to me personally.

Understandably, many of you hesitated to come to class under these new conditions. Many of you may not have even known we had relaunched yet again.  Many of you likely missed teachers that were no longer teaching due to the pandemic, and had not yet had the chance to get to know the wonderful new teachers who had joined us.  Trying to balance the needs of the community, the limitations of the space and any control over it, and the safety and health of the students, the teachers and myself, has proved to be too difficult.  It became very clear on Friday, when two of our teachers informed me they would not risk teaching due to a possible exposure, that Béco yoga could not continue to offer the tranquility, security, and stability found at our old space in these new and ever changing conditions.
We’ve arrived at the end of this chapter, but a new one will begin, and we look forward to sharing it with you. We must continue to support each other, and practice yoga on and off the mat, until we can be together again. There’s a possibility that a small selection of classes may continue online, or that there may be some pop-up classes or events, and we’ll keep you posted. But for right now, my focus has to be on the next chapter. We are so grateful to have you as part of our community, and it can’t be highlighted enough how much your support has meant to me and the teachers during these challenging times.

Finally, if you have class passes, they will still be valid when we reopen.  Although reimbursements are very difficult right now, you have the option of exchanging the value of your class passes for boutique items.  Please inquire by email for further information.

Be well, be kind to one another, and know that we can’t wait to practice with you once again. 💚🙏

- Loraine Overall, Owner, Béco Yoga + Boutique Écologique