Covid19 Updates & Safety Measures

Monday, May 25th, 2020

The boutique will reopen as of Tuesday May 26th.  If you're not feeling well or if have any symptoms such as fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, please stay home.  Most items from the store are available for purchase online, or you may call to place your order by phone. If you have a mask, for the safety and consideration of everyone, it is suggested that you please wear it. The following measures will be in place to ensure everyone's safety:


  1. If other clients are already waiting outside, please keep a minimum 2 m distance from them and wait your turn to approach the entrance.
  2. If no-one is at the entrance, please knock on the door and wait to be admitted.
  3. Only one client (or maximum party of 3 per household) will be allowed in the store at a time.


  1.  You will be asked to sanitize your hands with the hand sanitizer provided.
  2.   Items are to be touched as minimally as possible.
  3.   Items you wish to purchase may be placed at the designated area on the counter.  They will not be touched for checkout.
  4.  At checkout, "no contact" payment methods such as credit or debit cards with chips are highly recommended.  If the payment terminal must be touched, it will be cleaned after each use. Cash will be accepted but is the least preferred method of payment. Customers will be asked to put their items in a bag of their own, or a paper bag will be provided if needed.
  5.  Garments may be tried on in the changing room.  If not purchased, the garment will be "quarantined" for 48 hours on a separate rack before being put out for sale again.
  6.  A minimum 2 m distance will be maintained at all times between clients and store personnel.
  7.  Store personnel will be masked and will wash their hands after each client interaction.
  8.  The restroom will be available for emergency use only.  If used, it will be sanitized immediately after use.
  9.   Frequently touched surfaces such as the counter top and entrance door handles will be washed regularly.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Thursday, March 18th, 2020

Dear Béco Community,

I’m sure it will come as no surprise that for everyone’s safety and protection, and in order to comply with the guidelines outlined by the government of Québec, Béco yoga and boutique will be closed indefinitely.  This is sad but necessary, as we all do what the government recommends to “flatten the curve”.  We do not want to overwhelm our healthcare system or workers, whom we need more than ever at this time. I am grateful for all of them, and grateful for everyone in government who have difficult decisions to make under stressful conditions, while still needing to take care of themselves and their families.

In order to help everyone get through these challenging times, I am pleased to announce that Béco yoga will have some live stream classes to share with you soon.  I am working on the details as to how this will work, with the objective of creating a win-win-win scenario for our community, our teachers, and Béco too.  Please also watch our Facebook page for content we’ll  share to help you bring your focus inside, connect with your inner peace, and reduce stress and anxiety.

For  all clients with a monthly unlimited plan, you will have your “month" extended once I know how long we will actually be closed.  Furthermore, AutoPay payments for monthly unlimited payments will be temporarily halted.  It will take me some time to go through all of them, so if your payment slips through, it will be honoured to reflect any time lost and will also be extended accordingly. The expiration date of all other pricing options will also be extended in relation to the period of time we are closed.  Regarding the boutique, the online store is “open”, and if anyone needs something that is not found online, please send me an email and I’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

Finally, my heart is full of gratitude for all of you who have reached out to me expressing your support for Béco, and for me.  I thank you, and wish all of you and your families courage, patience and strength through this difficult time.   I’m hoping that in this imposed time of slowdown, there might be space for more people to discover the healing benefits of yoga and meditation.  We will get through it together, and I believe the resulting clarity for what really matters will ultimately improve the global community as a whole.

With hope and love,

Loraine 💚



Friday, March 13th, 2020

Béco is first and foremost, a center promoting health and well-being.  As wellness facilitators, we take very seriously the role that we play in the lives of our clients and our larger community.  Due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the Covid19 pandemic, the measures recently taken by the Quebec government , and in alignment with Béco's 6 Pillars, I have decided to close Béco yoga and the boutique, for one full week, effective as of tomorrow, Saturday March 14th.  All yoga classes are cancelled up to and including Friday March 20th.  The boutique will be re-open on Saturday March 21st.

This decision was taken with the full input of the Béco teachers, and we are all in agreement that it's best to respond in our current situation of relative control, versus needing to react to an emergency.  By closing, we are helping to protect ourselves, and all of you, from unnecessary exposure, that although unlikely, may lead to infection.  Many of us, and many of you, have recently traveled outside of Canada (including myself), and many of us have older loved ones whom we want to protect.  We are all saddened by this decision, but feel it is the most responsible and safe course of action.  It will allow time for everyone to monitor their own health condition, while also allowing for time to completely and thoroughly clean and disinfect the studio and all of its contents.  Next Thursday, I will be reevaluating the situation with the teachers.  At that time, it will be decided if the yoga studio will remain closed for an additional week, or if we will re-open with fewer offerings and smaller class sizes.  The results of this decision will be communicated next Friday. Finally, anyone on the monthly unlimited plan (first month included) will have their month extended by the number of weeks that we are completely closed.

Without meaning to be insensitive or disrespectful, I believe that something positive will eventually come out of this challenging situation. I know for myself, it will force me to slow down, and will give me the opportunity to get some things done at home that I otherwise never have time for.  Consider reconnecting with friends or family members, reading some books that have patiently been awaiting your attention, or simply taking time to practice yoga and/or meditation at home with this unusual opportunity that has landed in our laps. 

Dear yogis and clients, please take good care of yourselves! I wish you an abundance of courage and patience throughout this challenging time, and all of us here at Béco look forward to welcoming you back as soon as we possibly can! 

With deep gratitude for our Béco community,

Loraine 💚