Yoga for Kids

Since the Yoga for Kids spring session was cancelled due to the pandemic, we're offering your children the opportunity to practice yoga live and online for free.  Classes with Valesca da Costa Gehrs begin Thursday April 9th using the Zoom platform.  To join the class you must (1) have a MindBody account and (2) reserve the class.  Click réserver beside the class your child will attend on our schedule page by scrolling down to the appropriate date.  If you are a new client, you will be asked to create an account before you can reserve it.

Once you've reserved, expect to receive the Zoom e-mail invitation the day of the class, 15-30 minutes before it begins.  If you can't attend the live version, you will be emailed access to the recording which is available to view for 48 hours.  Plan to have paper, pencils and/or crayons nearby for the kids to use near the end of the class, as Valesca will invite them to join her in a short creative activity.

11 AM:  5 to 7 yrs. + parent(s)

For children aged 5-7 years, Valesca introduces different yoga practices, such as breathing, relaxation and postures, presented in a fun way (games / songs / stories). Children will be helped to understand the benefits of each practice and when to use them in their daily lives.

3 PM:  8 to 12 yrs.

For 8-12 year olds, yoga is an activity that has beneficial effects on the anatomical, physiological, mental and cognitive levels, as well as on the personality, development and psychomotor development. From 8 years old, children start to be physiologically ready to practice specific yoga techniques, especially in terms of breathing, which has a direct positive effect on the mind and emotions.

Enjoy this 5 minute video for a sampling of Yoga for Kids: