Beeswax Shabbat Candles - 20 Pkg

Pheylonian Bee Works


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Shabbot Tapers for Special Celebrations and Occasions. A little candle with a lot of light.

These original Pheylonian hand dripped beeswax candles are suitable for general burning purposes and long hours of use.

Pheylonian candles are unique due to the fact that they only use pure cappings beeswax. Cappings beeswax is the wax used by bees to seal their precious honey in the comb. This beeswax has unusual characteristics when burned, it emits negative ions which eliminate allergens, pollen, dust, odours, pet dander, dust mites, viruses and other airbourne pollutants by attaching to the contaminant and removing it from the air.

There are no artificial scents added to these candles, it has a natural, very light floral and honey scent when burned.

Burn time approx. 2-3 hours.
Non-toxic and Non-allergenic
Pesticide-free beeswax

Not all beeswax candles are the same. If they are not made from pure cappings beeswax and there are any impurities, or they are mixed with paraffin, soy or regular beeswax it will negate the negative ions’ properties that the Pheylonian beeswax candles have.

Made in Canada

Colours: Gold (lightest), Butterscotch and Buckwheat (darkest)

Types de produits: Candles

Vendeur: Pheylonian Bee Works