CLEAN BREAKS by Jeremy Smith & Richard Hammond



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Editor's Note: The book Clean Breaks has now been re-published as 'Great Escapes'. (Paperback)


Clean Breaks (now known as Great Escapes – 500 new ways to see the world) is written by Richard Hammond (founder of and freelance travel writer) and Jeremy Smith (the former editor of The Ecologist magazine), it’s the result of over a decade of travel, researching holidays that have less of an impact on the environment and genuinely give something back to the destination, through conservation and/or supporting local economies.
The authors have kayaked around the Scottish Summer Isles, snowshoed over the Pyrenees, swum across the lakes of Finland, stayed in luxury treehouses in the South of France, ferry-hopped across the Med, taken the train from London to Vietnam, made fire with the Bushman of the Kalahari, trekked with Amazonian tribes… Wherever possible information is given on how to travel by public transport to the starting point of all the experiences featured, including information on train travel across Europe and Asia and travelling by cargo boat around the world.
As well as the 500 experiences, the authors have focused on a range of alternative ways to travel, such as taking the train and ferry to the Med, taking the train to the slopes (Alps), and using social networking sites to stay with local people. 

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