Clean Team Dust Pan & Brush Set

Full Circle


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Full Circle is a brand that balances style, function, sustainability and affordability in every single product.  The name Full Circle comes from the philosophy that a product’s life cycle should be cyclical, rather than linear.  All products are made from materials that come from the earth, have long, functional lives, and then return from where they came, rather than collecting in a landfill.  Come Clean.  Full Circle!

Dustpan & Brush Set, bamboo, recycled plastic, plastic, cotton/polyester blend. There's nothing like making beautiful dust piles together. Especially when they can be removed without leaving that annoying "dirt line." This brush and dustpan work together to get your floor as clean as possible. The dustpan's rubberlip creates a flat surface for efficient dust removal, and the brush-complete with a scraper for stuck-on messes - can be cleaned on the dustpan's "comb."

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