13" Large Jute Dry Body Brush with Natural Brown Cord Handle



SOFT - Recommended for sensitive skin. Brown natural cord handle 13" length.

Revitalize your skin with this handmade natural jute brush! Perfect for use before a bath or shower for an invigorating massage! Brush to:
- remove dead skin cells
- stimulate circulation
- help eliminate body toxins
- reduce the appearance of cellulite

Brush before a morning bath or shower in circular motions, start at your feet and move over the entire body. Always brush toward your heart with light pressure. Gradually increase pressure as you build your daily brushing routine.

Brush Care: Shake after use and store in a dry place away from moisture. For dry use only.

Jute is one of nature’s strongest and most affordable vegetable fibers. In India and Bangladesh some 4 million farmers earn their living and support 20 million dependents from jute cultivation, while hundreds of thousands more work in the jute manufacturing sector. The most popular natural fiber after cotton, it is widely produced and used to make an array of items including rope, carpets and wrapping fabrics.

Type: Dry Brush

Vendor: Merben

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