Conservation Bread Bag 55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton

Öko Créations


Öko Creations reusable bread bag is made of strong and durable hemp laminated with a food grade waterproof-breathable layer.  It is big enough to hold 2 loaves and, as it is tightly woven, it will not let any crumbs pass!
There are no seams and folds inside the bread bag so crumbs do not get caught inside. The printed pattern is made with a water-based dye.

Bring it to the grocery store to buy bread, croissants or bagels. Your bag will keep your bread fresh for at least 5 days, while reducing condensation that creates mold. The crust will remain crisp!

The bag is embellished with our practical label to note the number of products with a washable pencil. The bag closes like a dry bag, creating a handle for easy transport once closed. 

and reusable for many years, this bag will save the use of at least 150 plastic bags each year!

An essential product made in Canada for a zero waste home!
- Made in Quebec, Canada
- Size: 42cm x 32cm / 16.5" x 12.5"
- Weight: 56g

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