Twine Journal Reef Seahorse



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POOPOOPAPER™ paper sheets, rolls and handmade stationery products use a bleach-free, chlorine-free, chemical-free traditional papermaking process that we've tweaked and that pretty much remains true to the original processes first used to make the earliest papers ever known over 2,000 years ago.

We create various colors of Elephant POOPOOPAPERTM using dyes created from food coloring, resulting in rich, natural and lasting colors. And due to the enormous quantity of elephant poop available, we use this material for many of our ocean assortments including for our On-The-Reef collection!

After all … how long and difficult would it seriously be to seahorse poop? Furthermore…elephants CAN swim and they use their trunks for snorkels!

Who hasn’t heard of swimming trunks?!?!

Inside, 20 blank journal pages contain natural flecks in the paper which add to the exotic texture and appearance. Perfect for note taking, art doodling, sketching or as a memory journal. Not suited for delicate writing projects, but we did say art DOOdles, right?

Type: Stationery


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