Men's Slippers - Brown Solid

Padraig Cottage


It's the weekend, and it's your time to relax at home with the Original Padraig slipper. New Zealand wool uppers, sheepskin liners and leather soles, come together to make the most comfortable and durable slipper around.

The slippers are hand crocheted and hand dyed in small lots, insuring each pair is one of a kind.

  • warm in winter
  • cool in summer
  • absorbs humidity
  • hypoallergenic
  • biodegradable
  • easy to wash
  • made in Canada
  • slight variations in color may occur due to differences in shading of natural wool

Slipper Care:

Simply drop them in a washing machine on a short gentle cycle in warm water using mild soap. Make sure to put them in with other similar colored items, like towels (nothing with a zipper or velcro), to avoid too much agitation and abrasion from the machine.

Do NOT machine dry, best to let them air dry in the shade. 


Type: Slippers

Vendor: Padraig Cottage

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