Oléo-Calcaire Liniment (Moisturizing & Cleansing Milk)

Les produits de MaYa


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Les Produits de Maya's ointment is a natural blend for the skin. The creamy, rich mixture is based on an ancestral recipe from Southern France.

This 5 ingredient, original formula, hypoallergenic product, with its soothing and protective properties, is specifically recommended for hydrating your baby’s skin during diaper changes. It will protect your baby’s skin against wetness and irritants that cause diaper rash, such as humidity or acidic urine and bowel movements.  The ointment’s base (limewater) restores the skin’s natural appearance while the olive oil protects the skin from irritants.

Use a cotton ball or washcloth to apply the ointment to the skin when changing your baby's diaper. Reusable washcloths or reusable baby wipes, combined with the liniment, eliminate the need for disposable wipes. No need to rinse afterwards, as the remaining thin layer of liniment serves to protect the skin.  Compatible with all diapers (although we have a preference for reusable, cloth diapers).  Also helpful for cradle cap, washing children's faces, and any dry skin patches on your baby's body. No risk for sensitive skin, no contraindications. Unscented. Shake well before using.

Other uses:

Showering: substitute for soap; skin will already be moisturised once out of the shower

Moisturising: excellent for sensitive, dry, atopic or itchy skin

Massages: use instead of almond oil (potential allergen)

Make-up remover: for face, eyes and neck - will even remove waterproof mascara

Hair: use on dry ends

Waxing, shaving or tweezing: soothes rashes and irritations, and will rid your skin of left-over wax after cold or warm waxing

Aftershave for men

Pregnancy: helps to improve the appearance of the skin like stretch marks

Post-partum: episiotomy or other tears - apply locally to soften scar tissue and ease pain

Leather and leatherette: clean, nourish and remove stains, helping to maintain leather and leatherette sofas, car seats and other furniture. Here’s how:
Pour a bit of ointment onto a clean rag. Rub the ointment into the leather, paying special attention to stains. - Don’t rub leatherette too hard, especially if dry, since it’s a coated fabric.  Do not apply to suede (such as buffed or nubuck leather).
To remove oiliness after applying the ointment to leatherette furniture, wipe with a clean cloth dampened with warm water.

Wood furniture: rub the piece of furniture with the ointment. Let dry. Polish. The ointment will make the piece of furniture waterproof.

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