Vegan Fruitcake "Le Beauceron"

Farines Etc.


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A perfect blend of dried fruits, maple nuggets and spices. A masterpiece for the taste buds, with a spicy finish!

Most Quebecers know that springtime means sugar shack & maple syrup time! Le Beauceron was created in honour of Caroline's (from Farines etc.) paternal roots. The incredible combination of ingredients will treat your taste buds and satisfy your hunger. Wonderful to pair with a salted caramel gelato, a glass of ice wine, a hot cup of tea or some good whisky!

Important notes about the fruitcake:

Each fruitcake is vacuum sealed for preservation, allowing it to mature like a good bottle of wine! Unopened, the fruitcake will last for a year or more. Upon receipt, if the vacuum seal is broken, or if the cheese cloth enveloping the cake is dry, please contact Béco within 3 business days and do not throw the product out. Failing to contact us within this time frame will result in no exchange or return being authorized. Before eating, be sure to remove the vacuum sealed packaging and the cheese cloth from the fruitcake. Once opened, refrigerate.  Re-wrapping the cake in its cheese cloth will help keep it fresh for longer. The fruitcake may also be frozen.

Ingredients : Dried fruit (pears, figs, apples and dates) • Wheat flour • Sweet potatoes• Whole brown sugar • Pecans • White beans • Pure maple syrup • Flax seed • Apple cider vinegar • Aluminum free baking powder • Sea salt • Pure vanilla extract • Spices (Ceylon cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne powder) • Ginger and pear white tea • Infused and basted in maple whisky from Québec

Type: Food

Vendor: Farines Etc.

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