Coconut Foot Brush with Wooden Handle



This handmade natural coconut foot brush is perfect for a fabulous foot massage at the end of a long day to relieve your dry, itchy and aching feet. Brush to have soft and smooth sandal-ready feet all the time! The handle allows an easier reach!

Coconut Foot Brush with Handle 8" length

Brush Care: Shake after use and store in a dry place away from moisture. For dry use only.

Coir or Coco fiber is the fibrous material found between the hard inner shell and the outer coat of a coconut, the bit you don’t eat. A mature tree can produce 50 to 100 coconuts per year. The brown coir fiber is harvested from fully ripened coconut and is about 10 to 30 cm long and is relatively water-proof and one of the few natural vegetable fibers with a natural resistance to fungus and mites makes it perfect for use as a kitchen or bathroom brush. The Coconuts are grown by small-scale farmers in Sri Lanka, who use local mills for fiber extraction which makes it an important source of income.

Type: Dry Brush

Vendor: Merben

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